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What Should Drive Child Support Negotiations?

child support attorneys

Child support attorneys specialize in ensuring that your rights as a parent are protected, and more importantly that your child is financially supported after divorce. There are over 800,000 divorces each year, many of them involve children.

The divorce process is difficult for all parties involved and a child support attorney’s goal is to ensure that the littlest people involved in the process are protected. It takes experience to ensure that child support, and child custody arrangements, are in everyone’s best interest.

Child Custody Agreement is the First Step

An experienced child custody attorney, parents have discovered, is the best option to ensure that everyone’s rights are considered during the child custody and parenting time phase of the divorce process. A child custody lawyer that is experienced can help you move closer to your hoped-for outcome.

Once Custody is Decided Then Child Support is Decided

Once the custody agreement and parenting time have been determined, it is time to talk about child support. Child support attorneys can help everyone come to an amicable decision about how much child support will be paid each month, what each parents responsibility is for the support of the child, for providing medical insurance for a child, how non covered medical expenses of the child will be paid and how tax exemptions/child tax credits will be allocated between the parties.

Child support can be a complicated topic because it is not only about a monthly maintenance check. Children are expensive and there are a lot of expenses that will need to be considered. For example, does your child or children play sports? Who will cover the cost of registration, training, uniforms, and more? Should that have to come out of a monthly maintenance check?

Making sure that everyone is treated fairly, and that the child gets the financial support that he or she need to minimally disrupt their lifestyle is the key to a strong support agreement. Child support attorneys have the skill set to negotiate child support so that everyone is happy and the child is protected.  Contact our office for a free thirty minute consultation at 602-404-9733.

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