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Your first initial visit to the office would be for a consultation.   If you live out of state, live a significant distance from our office, or, if physical limitations prevent you from coming to our office we can do a telephonic initial interview.  We initially start with a short questionnaire for you to answer.  If your consultation is telephonic, this document would be emailed to you for completion with a request to complete and return prior to your consultation.  You and I would then sit down together and we would go over the law as it applies to your case. This would include, but not be limited to, divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, grandparent’s rights, paternity, etc.. We would then review in detail your issues and what you might expect as a reasonable resolution of those issues.   We would also discuss the court process with regard to the filing of any pleadings, the court appearances that are necessary, the roles of professionals in reviewing issues, and the final trial process.

My goal is that, at the end of the initial consultation, you will have all of the information you will hopefully need to think about and be able to make decisions as to how you wish to proceed with your matter.

As with any important decisions to be made, I do recommend that you may want to interview more than one attorney for your case to compare the explanation and evaluation of your matter, before hiring counsel on your behalf.

Hopefully this was helpful in your understanding of what happens during an initial consultation with an attorney.  If you have any additional questions regarding our initial consultation, or, if you would like to schedule a free thirty (30) minute in office consultation,  please do not hesitate to fill out the information requested on the right side of this page , or, call my office at 602-404-9733.

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