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Talking to your Children about Divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences that one can face in life. Although it is more common and less taboo than it once was, with about 827,000 divorces happening every year, virtually nobody enters into a marriage expecting to be divorced. The experience can be quite difficult, even if it is ultimately the healthiest possible decision for you and your spouse in the long term.

What makes the divorce process even harder, regardless of the quality of the family law attorneys that you hire, is the involvement of children. While you may know that your divorce is the best possible decision for your family, your children will not always easily understand the issue themselves. For that reason, we’re looking into how to discuss divorce with your children. The more you plan this discussion, the easier it will be for you to have.

1. Ease Into The Conversation

At times, you will not necessarily be able to ease your children into the divorce conversation. You may find yourself reaching out to a divorce lawyer rather unexpectedly. With that in mind, you should begin speaking to your children about the divorce process at that point. Either way, if at all possible, it is wise to begin easing your children into the conversations surrounding divorce gradually.

2. Emphasize Your Family Unit

Children often feel uncomfortable with the idea of divorce because they think that you and your family unit will be split apart. Ensure that you and your ex will love your children no matter what, and emphasize the fact that one way or another you will remain a family unit.

3. Be Honest

You should be honest with your children about the upcoming changes. Don’t let them know about these changes prematurely; make sure that you have a plan in order before you set out on your new lifestyle. However, be as honest as possible.

4. Don’t Lean On Them

At the same time, you and your children need a bit of a barrier between the two of you during the divorce. Don’t lean on them emotionally. Try to separate your emotions during the divorce from your emotions regarding your child.

Divorce is tough, even if you have the best family law attorneys. If you have questions regarding family law, please contact us today.

Posted on Monday, April 11th, 2022 at 10:12 am and is filed under Articles.