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How to Make Joint Custody Arrangements

Family law attorneys are the experts that help with a wide range of family law matters including custody matters. Family law attorneys specialize in helping people come up with custody agreements that are in the best interest of the child and that provide a foundation for successful co-parenting.

The Legality of Child Custody

Many parents are not aware of how important it is to have the right legal documents in place when it comes to child custody. A verbal agreement is not usually recognized by the court should a problem arise. Divorce can be hard on couples and illicit uncooperative feelings at times.

A verbal agreement that decides custody can be very hard to enforce in the case where a parent changes their mind about the agreement. It is important that, with the help of family law attorneys, the proper documents are filed with the court. In some cases, there is never an issue with the agreement; in other cases, there is. When everything is done the right way with legally binding documents everyone has agreed to, it is a lot easier to enforce the agreement.

Questions About Custody

According to the U.S. Census, it is estimated that 26.6% of children 21 years or younger currently live with one parent while the other parent resides elsewhere. Oftentimes both custodial (the parent the children live with) and non-custodial parents have questions about their rights or about the custody agreement. A family law attorney can answer those questions.

Understanding your legal rights as a parent is essential to your custody agreement. An experienced attorney can help to clarify what rights you have and what your responsibilities will be under a proposed custody agreement. They can also petition the courts to make adjustments to an agreement down the road.

Custody Battles Can Get Ugly

The fact is even the most agreeable parents can turn ugly during a custody battle. An attorney can help to reduce the risk that the battle will get ugly. They have the experience of negotiating on your behalf and come to an agreement that every party can get behind.

A Better Outcome

Custody agreements can be very difficult to hammer out without the assistance of an attorney. Coming to an agreement about custody can be rife with emotions. It is easy to make a mistake when you are stressed by the situation. An attorney can help to mediate the process for you. Contact an attorney today.

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