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How to Handle Family Law Matters Before, During, and After a Divorce

It’s common knowledge that family law cases can be very complicated. From the first steps of separation to the final divorce decree, family law litigation is a long and difficult process. To make it easier for yourself and your family, you should always consult a family attorney. A family lawyer will help guide you through every step of the proceedings with their expertise in family law. They will also advise you on what course of action would work best for your circumstances.

Here is some basic information on how to handle family law matters before, during, and after a divorce.

Get a Family Attorney Before Filing for Divorce

A family lawyer can help you determine whether or not a divorce is the best path to take. For instance, some couples may want to go their separate ways but still remain in contact with each other and share custody of any children born of their relationship. If no settlement can be reached without ending the marriage, a family attorney will advise you on which family law strategy would be best for your case.

Gather Family Information for Your Attorney

To help your family attorney build a strong case, you should provide as much family information as possible before the actual court proceedings occur. You should also set up a meeting with your family attorneys so they can get an idea of what’s important in the case and how you would like to move forward with family dissolution proceedings. It’s best if both spouses are present for these meetings, but it may be necessary to schedule separate appointments if the divorce is acrimonious.

Find Out Which Documents Will Be Needed

The legal team representing you in the divorce proceedings will need certain family documents before they can begin working on the case. These documents are necessary to prove family issues, such as the family’s financial status, custody agreements, past family court proceedings, or evidence of abuse by one spouse against another.

Find Out How Long Family Dissolution Proceedings Typically Last

Family dissolution proceedings sometimes take a few months, while other cases have been known to drag on longer. You should always ask your family lawyer about how long your case is likely to take and what you can do during family court proceedings to help speed up the process as much as possible.

Follow All Directions Given by Your Divorce Attorney

Your family attorney will tell you exactly what to do and how to proceed at all stages of the divorce proceedings. Remember, it’s best if your family attorney is always kept up to date on all family issues. You should also follow any advice they give as they are usually skilled in family law and can provide valuable insight on how to go about your divorce, so you do not make costly mistakes.

Ask Your Family Law Attorneys About Alternative Dispute Resolution

Family lawyers are often skilled at family dispute resolution, which may be useful if you and your family cannot agree about minor issues. Family dispute resolution can take many forms, including family mediation or family arbitration.

Seek Legal Advice if Your Spouse Doesn’t Follow Child Custody Orders

Child custody agreements are supposed to be legally binding, so you should contact a family lawyer immediately if your spouse refuses to honor their obligations under the divorce settlement regarding the care and custody of the children.

Inform Your Family Counsel if You Are a Victim of Domestic Violence

If domestic violence has been an issue before or during divorce proceedings, you should inform your divorce lawyer. Victims should also keep records of any incidents to show proof that they or the children were harmed or threatened by an abusive spouse.

Divorce proceedings can be a difficult and emotional process. Luckily, consulting with an experienced family law firm like The Leather Law Office can help ensure success during this difficult time.

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