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How Divorce Affects Children

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Divorce is one of the most difficult times for everyone involved. While it is challenging for the parents, it is also challenging for the children. The process is confusing, and if contested, it can last a long time. Here are some of the effects of divorce on children.

Emotional Impact of Divorce on Children

Divorce creates emotional turmoil for kids. Because kids, especially young ones, don’t fully understand the situation, they often end up scared, confused, and frustrated. Young children can find it quite confusing to have to go between two homes. According to Legal Jobs, in just over 51% of custody decisions, parents and the child custody lawyer usually agree that the mother should be the custodial parent. This means that the children will have to travel to see their father. In addition to this confusion, children can also worry that if their parents stop loving each other, they can end up not loving them. Some children have been reported to think that the divorce is their fault.

Divorce-related Anger in Children

Kids may feel angry about the divorce because they feel like their entire world is being pulled apart, and they can’t do anything about it. This anger can affect a child of any age, but it’s common in school-aged kids and teens. Sometimes such feelings also arise from abandonment and loss of control. The anger can be directed at the parents, or it can even be directed inward, especially in cases where the children feel like they are to blame for their parents’ divorce.

Social Withdrawal

This is another effect of divorce on children. Your child, who was once a social butterfly, can change and become quite shy or anxious. They can start being uninterested or fearful of social situations. For instance, the child might withdraw from hanging out with friends or attending school events. Sometimes, this is because of the low self-image associated with divorce.

Divorce, especially when contested, can affect children in a variety of ways. Children may need to attend court or talk to a child custody lawyer. They can even be put on the stand to be cross-examined by a child custody lawyer. All this will affect them socially, mentally, and academically as well. It’s not uncommon to find children declining academically because of a divorce. Contact us to seek help to mitigate these challenges and help your family deal with divorce in a healthy manner.

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