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Child Support Lawyers – a Vital Resource for Our Children

Child Support Lawyers

Divorce rates in the United States and all over the world have risen to new highs in the last decade. In modern times, over fifty percent of couples who begin life together end their marriage before “death do us part”. Of these divorced couples, many also have children. When divorce separates a family, child support often becomes involved – and that’s when things can really get ugly.

How does a family attorney help children by enforcing child support payment through legal action? Here are just a few of these reasons why legal professionals who deal with child support are unsung heroes to the families they serve:

Preventing Disaster

One of the biggest ways that strictly-enforced child support programs benefit families is often overlooked. That is the encouragement of parents to remain married in the first place. When adults understand that the separation of their family comes with both emotional and financial drawbacks, they are less likely to jump into a divorce before looking at other options. This keeps more families together – and prevents more financial disasters.

Keeping Children Out of Poverty

When children live with a single parent as the result of a divorce or other reason, they often go without the things they might otherwise have with two parents in the household. This can range from comfort items to necessities like food, clothing, proper shelter, and education. Of the single-parent households that do not receive child support of any kind, more than one-third in America are below the poverty line.

Struggling to provide for children is one of the problems that child support was designed to address. If you feel that you cannot adequately provide for your child, but that your former spouse or fellow parent is not contributing as much as they should to that child’s welfare, seek help from a legal professional to get the compensation you and your child deserve. Seek child support enforcement and get your household out of poverty.

If you’re in need of the services of child support lawyers in Phoenix, AZ, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Leather Law Office. Our experienced lawyers will help you find the legal support you need to go after a non-paying spouse, to demand higher payments when needed, and to get the monetary support you need to provide well for your children. Don’t let divorce discourage you from being a great parent. Help is out there – you just have to give us a call!

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