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Child Custody -NKA Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time Types

Child Custody Attorney

Undergoing a divorce comes with a lot of changes. One of those changes include discussing custody, now know as legal decision making. Here’s background to help you make better decisions before you start talking to child custody lawyers in Phoenix, AZ.

Legal Decision Making

There are two types of legal decision making, sole and joint. If one parent has sole legal decision making then that parent makes all decisions regarding the child, even without consulting the other parent. This type of legal decision making is becoming rare in Arizona. Joint legal decision making means both parents jointly make decisions regarding the child. Our courts favor this type of legal decision making.

Parenting Time

We no longer use the term “visitation” with regard to a parent. We use the words “parenting time.” Once legal decision making is determined then the next decision is what parenting time one parent has and what parenting time the other parent has. The different types of parenting time include regular, supervised and virtual parenting time. The first one is the most common type of parenting time and includes parenting time ranging from every other weekend to equal parenting time. In supervised parenting time, (only ordered if the children need to be protected) the one parent may only have parenting time with the children under the supervision of an adult who may act as the supervisor. For virtual parenting time, this is often done through video conferencing technology. Remember that the amount of parenting time has nothing to do with the type of legal decision making.

Getting Help

If you have questions about custody and visitations, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Look for a family law attorney in Phoenix AZ and book a consultation. Find out what your next legal steps are by discussing the particulars of your case with a seasoned legal counsel. Call Leather Law for a free consultation and you can look forward to getting the help you need to obtain legal decision-making orders and parenting time orders of your child or ensure an arrangement that’s in your child’s best interests.

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