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What is Covenant Marriage in Arizona?

Divorce Attorneys

Divorce is never an easy decision, and nobody goes into a marriage planning to end up in divorce court. The breakup of the marriage is often a profoundly traumatic event, but one that is nonetheless in the best interest of the divorcing spouses, and even their children. Many divorces become acrimonious, or even violent, and this is the last thing that a divorce should be. The best interests of all parties should be represented in the severing of the marriage bonds and the settling of the marital estate, especially where children are concerned. However, some marriages are more difficult to dissolve than others, such as[…] Read More ›

Posted in Articles on October 15th, 2018

Finding the Right Phoenix Child Custody Lawyer

The Phoenix family law attorney you hire has to be someone you trust. When you are fighting for the custody of your child, the only attorney to trust is one passionate about helping you and your child to obtain the best possible outcome. Our team is here to help you. Experience Matters When Hiring an Attorney Our child custody lawyers have decades of combined experience to support you as you go to court or work to help you modify your existing child custody case. For parents considering a change in an existing child custody order, it is best to work with your attorney first, long[…] Read More ›

Posted in Articles on August 29th, 2018

New Services Offered: Document Preparation and Limited Scope Appearance

Over the past few years our office has had numerous inquiries as to whether or not we offer document preparation services and whether we offer limited scope representation in family law matters.  The office has decided that it will immediately begin offering both of these services.Document preparation means that the attorney will not make a formal appearance in the case but will prepare whatever documents are needed to start or complete a dissolution of marriage proceeding, a paternity matter, a child support matter, a legal decision making (i.e. custody) matter, a parenting time matter, etc.  This could mean preparation of the documents for an initial[…] Read More ›

Posted in Articles on March 15th, 2013

Thoughts on Military Retirement

As noted previously, the purpose of my blog is to bring up concepts and situations that we see regularly in our family law practice. Some may or may not be applicable to you or your case, but, hopefully they provide some information for you. Military retirement has become an area that is very complex.  Many times a service member is either entitled to military retirement pay, and/or VA disability pay.  In the case of VA disability pay, same cannot be divided with a spouse in a dissolution proceeding, whereas regular military retirement pay can be divided.  We often see the military member claiming disability pay,[…] Read More ›

Posted in Articles on February 22nd, 2013


One of the purposes of this blog is to bring certain issues to your attention that we see occurring in our family law practice on a regular basis.  The issues may or may not be relevant to your case, but, do appear in many of the cases that we handle.This blog is about retirement accounts.  Retirement accounts are normally one of the most valuable assets of a couple going through the dissolution of their marriage.  They must be handled carefully in order to assure that each party obtains his or her half of the community interest in the other’s retirement accounts. Certain retirement accounts, like[…] Read More ›

Posted in Articles on January 25th, 2013