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Child Custody -NKA Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time Types

Child Custody Attorney

Undergoing a divorce comes with a lot of changes. One of those changes include discussing custody, now know as legal decision making. Here’s background to help you make better decisions before you start talking to child custody lawyers in Phoenix, AZ. Legal Decision Making There are two types of legal decision making, sole and joint. If one parent has sole legal decision making then that parent makes all decisions regarding the child, even without consulting the other parent. This type of legal decision making is becoming rare in Arizona. Joint legal decision making means both parents jointly make decisions regarding the child. Our courts favor[…] Read More ›

Determining Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance

Determining spousal maintenance can be a thorny issue. Spousal maintenance or support was formerly referred to as alimony and is awarded to help maintain a reasonable standard of living that a spouse became used to during the marriage. Who Pays the Support? Typically, the spouse with the higher income will pay for the spousal support, to ensure that the other spouse’s living standards are reasonable. Why Should You Pay? The spousal support is awarded to eliminate any economic effects of the divorce on the spouse with less earning power and resources. This is especially ideal in situations wherein the other spouse didn’t take on any[…] Read More ›

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Child Support Lawyers – a Vital Resource for Our Children

Child Support Lawyers

Divorce rates in the United States and all over the world have risen to new highs in the last decade. In modern times, over fifty percent of couples who begin life together end their marriage before “death do us part”. Of these divorced couples, many also have children. When divorce separates a family, child support often becomes involved – and that’s when things can really get ugly. How does a family attorney help children by enforcing child support payment through legal action? Here are just a few of these reasons why legal professionals who deal with child support are unsung heroes to the families they[…] Read More ›

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Legal Issues of Divorce You Never Thought You’d Have to Face

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Divorce is never a pleasant situation. Regardless of how you came to the decision or the situation, you undoubtedly have a variety of emotions to contend with – none of which welcome more stress to the equation. When you bring surprising legal issues to the table, it only makes things worse. Unfortunately, divorce can be full of exactly that. Here are some of the nasty surprises many divorcing couples face – and how to keep them from impacting your situation. Social Media Faux Pas How many of us have ever gotten angry with a former lover or friend and wanted to take our grievances to[…] Read More ›

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What is Covenant Marriage in Arizona?

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Divorce is never an easy decision, and nobody goes into a marriage planning to end up in divorce court. The breakup of the marriage is often a profoundly traumatic event, but one that is nonetheless in the best interest of the divorcing spouses, and even their children. Many divorces become acrimonious, or even violent, and this is the last thing that a divorce should be. The best interests of all parties should be represented in the severing of the marriage bonds and the settling of the marital estate, especially where children are concerned. However, some marriages are more difficult to dissolve than others, such as[…] Read More ›

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