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7 Reasons To Hire a Child Custody Attorney

In more than 50% of child custody cases, the parents agree that custody (now legal decision making)  should be awarded to one party or agree to joint legal decision making with an equal parenting time schedule.  In other cases, parents can get involved in a lengthy and painful legal fight over custody, a struggle that experienced divorce attorneys see every day. If you are going through a divorce and you are not sure whether you should hire an attorney who specializes in child custody cases, consider the following seven reasons for hiring a child custody attorney.

1. Your Ex Has Retained an Attorney

If your soon-to-be former husband or wife has already hired a child custody lawyer, you need to think about hiring a child custody lawyer of your own to represent your interests. If you can’t afford an attorney, find out about free legal services in your town or city. You don’t want to end up losing custody because you chose to represent yourself.

2. There Are Complications in Your Case

A child custody case may begin simply but get complicated as it progresses. One example is if your ex originally wanted to share custody but now wants full custody. Another example is if they plan to present you in court as unfit to have your children on overnight visits. Divorce attorneys will tell you that such situations indicate child custody attorneys should be involved.

3. Your Case Involves More Than One Jurisdiction

If the two parents seeking custody reside in different states or countries, it’s important that you hire a child custody lawyer. It’s still wise to learn as much as possible about the laws that pertain to your case as there were federal statutes that each state had to adopt that determine which judge in which state has jurisdiction over the children.

4. You Think Your Kids May Be in Danger

If your children are at risk with your ex, you can’t afford to lose your child custody case. If they are in imminent danger, call the police, and apply for a restraining order to protect your children. You may be concerned that your ex will retaliate if you contact the authorities. If this is the case, let your divorce attorneys or child custody attorney know. Never try to handle this type of situation on your own without professional legal advice.

5. Your Ex Is Attempting To Keep You Away From the Children

You should consider contacting a child custody lawyer if your ex is trying to reduce your contact with your kids, refusing visits, or canceling scheduled visits just before they’re supposed to start. Divorce attorneys who are experienced in child custody cases can advise you on handling these difficult situations.

6. You Have Been Ordered by a Judge To Undergo Treatment or Attend Classes

You already look like a less fit parent to the court if you have been ordered to attend anger management or parenting classes or to undergo treatment for addiction. You need a child custody lawyer to represent you and show you in the best possible light. In Arizona each parent must take a Parent Information Course – normally on line and file a certificate of completion.   If you have a high conflict case then additional classes may be ordered.

7. There Are Major Changes in Your Circumstances

You should hire a child custody attorney if your life situation or your ex’s is significantly different than it was when your case began. Examples include either of you moving to another city, state, or country; marrying someone else; or setting up house with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

How To Hire a Child Custody Attorney

If you decide to hire a child custody attorney, you’ll need someone who has had success with similar cases. You are entitled to references from past clients, which are crucial to investigating a lawyer’s reputation. Ask questions about the attorney’s strategy for winning your case. Go to our website:  leatherlawoffice.com  and review the material there with reviews.

Going through a child custody case can be a very stressful process, and it’s especially important that you have an experienced attorney on your side. Our child custody attorneys have the legal expertise and the sensitivity needed to negotiate these often complicated, highly emotional cases. Contact our team today for a free initial thirty minute consultation at 602-866-2111.

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