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10 Reasons Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer

divorce lawyer

Did you know that the U.S. ranks among the top ten countries with the highest divorce rate? An estimated 50% of all marriages end up in divorce or separation, according to USA Today. This figure is much higher when dealing with second and third marriages. You must have a divorce lawyer to safeguard your interests and ensure that any legislation works in your favor. Here are 10 critical reasons you should consider hiring one.

Better Decision Making

Divorces can be messy without proper counsel. The purpose of a divorce lawyer is to ensure you are well versed in the proceedings enough to make informed decisions. These decisions may pertain to finances, custody, or the splitting of shared assets.

Maintain Objectivity

Separating from someone you love can be overwhelming. This process is often emotional, and it may not be easy to remain level-headed. A divorce lawyer helps you see the bigger picture and remains objective throughout the process.

Protect Yourself

There are several scenarios where people try to take everything in a divorce settlement. This could mean all houses, cars, pets, custody of children, and finances. In such a scenario a divorce lawyer will help you protect yourself from a greedy or abusive spouse. An attorney will tell you what your rights are and will make a fair claim to your deserved possessions in the split.

Legal Advice

Divorce proceedings have a lot of processes about which you may not know. A divorce attorney will lead you through the process and ensure you get proper legal representation. Knowing how the process works can provide stress relief at the outset and make you more confident in the settlements as they are discussed.

Reduce Stress

Divorce proceedings are tedious and can drag on for a long time. This process also generates a lot of paperwork. The only person who can help ensure everything goes well is your attorney. You need someone who understands the process and knows what to do.

Improve Communication

A divorce lawyer resolves most issues through mediation. You may not need to go to court to settle your differences. Attorneys act as mediators, and they assist you in making critical decisions.

Legal Expertise

On top of handling all your paperwork, your attorney gives you access to legal counsel. This resource means helping you file the proper motions and documents to help expedite the process. The faster you get everything filed, the quicker the process can take, the fewer fees you may have to pay, and the sooner you can enjoy your single life once more.

Fair Asset Distribution

Divorces can be problematic because spouses fight over assets. This may be a house, a cottage, material possessions, pets, and more. A divorce attorney will help you know what you are entitled to and help you get what you deserve.

First Line of Defense

A divorce attorney is your only protection against disgruntled spouses. Your attorney is a source of support and is the one person who has your best interest at heart. In some ways, they are responsible for knowing the psychology of human behavior and can act as a pseudo-couple’s therapist as they mitigate the divorce.

Avoid Delays

A divorce attorney ensures the process happens quickly and seamlessly. Your attorney will track court dates and requirements to ensure everything goes according to plan. Sometimes, if divorce mitigations go well, you may not even need to go to court. That can save you time, stress, and money.

A divorce lawyer is your best resource for a successful, healthy separation from your partner. The best way to receive your fair share of your possessions and finances is to seek legal intervention. Contact Leather Law Office today to get started with our services.

Posted on Wednesday, July 6th, 2022 at 11:52 am and is filed under Articles.